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We have serious concerns about consultation process for Stage 2. The Mayor has not yet responded to our concerns.

To the Lord Mayor 30 January 2024

Dear Councillor Nelmes

Subject matter: Requesting clarification of consultation process for

stage 2 restoration.

Since the pool reopened Friends of Newcastle Ocean Baths Incorporated have made several enquires to the Ocean Baths Project Team and Luke Jones, Senior Project Planner. On 25 January 2024 we received an acknowledgement of our enquires, however, the response also stated “While we acknowledge most requests concern the facility, the Ocean Baths Project Team is currently prioritising the

delivery of Stage 2”

I also noted that Luke Jones, at the CRG inspection on the 15 December, 2023, stated, in words to the effect, that he had already seen some early TZG conceptual drawings and “they looked pretty good’’.

This gives us cause for concern that Stage 2 delivery is being rushed despite what you said at the Ordinary Council Meeting of 26 September 2023 when the council voted unanimously to grant the tender for the Principal Design Consultant to TZG.

At this meeting you referred to “a process of genuine consultation with our community” and “community consultation that’s going to occur over the two years” and in reference to another councillor you said “because you’ve pre-empted what you want in the design in two years’ time, I’m interested in going out to the community through an options process to get an amazing outcome”.

Whilst we acknowledge your commitment to a genuine consultation period of two years, FONOB Inc. would like to be assured that there will be no attempts made to rush through the consultation process by the City of Newcastle.

We would like to be advised of details of the consultation process

stages that the City of Newcastle intends to follow so the swimming

community can be fully and genuinely engaged in this consultation


Yours faithfully

Peter Wickham

President, FONOB Inc. and CRG representative

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