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Letter to CN re security following latest vandalism

To Lord Mayor, Cr Nuatali Nelmes

CEO Mr Jeremy Bath

cc City of Newcastle councillors

cc Ocean Baths Project Team

On 9 February 2024 the Ocean Baths Project Team responded concerning our enquiry re the status of security cameras at Newcastle Ocean Baths. Their response stated in part:

''A formal decision on installing security cameras at Newcastle Ocean Baths as part of Stage 2 has not been made. During Stage 2 design development, the advice and recommendations of relevant subject matter experts will be considered alongside the broader City of Newcastle's position regarding the installation of security cameras.''

In view of the scene that I and the attendant encountered early this morning (see attached image) of the damage to the security gate at the entrance of the male change room,  FONOB Inc. urge the City of Newcastle to bring forward a formal decision on installing security cameras. We urge CN not to wait till Stage 2 completion to make a decision. Protecting this site that is heritage listed locally and has recently been nominated for State Heritage listing must surely be a priority.  Currently there are no security cameras installed at the Baths.

We would appreciate being advised further of what CN is considering to make the current site secure as possible.

Yours Faithfully

Peter J Wickham

President, Friends of Newcastle Ocean Baths Incorporated.

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