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Update about stage 2 restoration from CN, Ocean Baths Team to CRG members

Stage Two

Since our site tour in December last year we have progressed with engaging consultants for key tasks relating to Stage Two – the Coastal Inundation Study, the User Needs Analysis, and further structural and geotechnical investigations.

When completed, the Coastal Inundation Study will provide us with the latest data on coastal hazards, predictions for sea-level rise and inundation during storm and tidal events into the future. To assist in this study, we are seeking a range of photos or videos from the public taken of the baths area during the swell event from 9-10 March, 2-4 April or 10 July, last year (2022). If you have any photos from these swell events, please email them to Your contribution will add to the data available for analysis by our coastal consultant. If necessary, our project team can help facilitate transfer of any files.

The User Needs Analysis will build on the community consultation that City of Newcastle has completed over the past few years and CRG feedback to date. It will assess economic feasibility, tourism and projected population growth, shower, toilet and change facility needs, and services for the site's lifeguards including first aid areas. We will seek feedback from the broader community and CRG as the User Needs Analysis develops.

We have engaged an experienced community consultation facilitator for our CRG meetings, and plan to convene a CRG in May. At this meeting we will share detail of the studies underway and discuss the development of the concept design for Stage Two. As we prepare to progress with Stage Two we again want to thank the CRG members for their contribution so far, and for re-affirming your commitment to contributing to Stage Two. Thank you once again for your contribution to this important project.

The Ocean Baths Project Team City of Newcastle | City Infrastructure Project Management Office | Program & Project Services T: +61249742000

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