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Clarification required, response appears to be in contradiction to a response of 6th June 2022

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An expectation of an update of the CRG on Stage 2. Does this mean that planning of Stage 2 has begun?

Replying to

To the best of our knowledge no funding has yet been requested from Council. This would the normal process. So in theory it should not have begun.


Oct 17, 2022

I don’t think you even mentioned Stage 2 but this seems to be the reason/excuse for not organising an inspection of stage 1?! 🤔

Replying to

Yes this response is puzzling. We have written for clarification on the 9th October, so far no response to this letter:

To Ocean Baths Team

Cc Matthew Blandford

Dear Team,

I refer to the email that FONOB Inc. received from Danielle, Project Support Officer,

Infrastructure & Property,dated 15/09/22.(See attached)

This response appears to be in contradiction to the initial response we received from

Matthew Blandford to our request for an onsite inspection of stage 1 works.This letter

dated 06/06/22 (See attached)stated “Once the site stability is improved, we will be in

touch to arrange a site visit to allow the CRG to see the work firsthand.”

However,Danielle states in her response“We do not believe we can hold a site meeting

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